Freedive Theme Camp 2023

We are looking for a charter sponsor to sign-up for two slots @$1200 each (travel expenses not included). You will get to decide (along with the instructors) the time and location of the camp. This year’s likely theme – environmental and life sciences.

Level 1 (up to 20m) certification from a recognized agency. Robert is a PFI and Molchanov instructor. Audrey is a PFI, NAUI, SSI instructor.

Two-hour online class. One day of confined water training in a convenient SF area location or on-site. Two to three half days of ocean training. Optionally two more training sessions and/or two more days of fun diving or spearfishing. Workshops on related topics such as the neuroscience of breath and reef citizen science.

Option 1: Monterey. Given that we expect most of the sign-ups to be from the SF Bay Area, the most convenient (but in many ways least desirable) spot is Monterey. Pros: local/convenient to SF. Cons: cold and murky, so much so that it is hard to focus on breathing and have body awareness to learn the skills.. 50-55F (10-12C) year round with very limited visibility.

Option 2: SoCal Aug-Oct. Most of the year SoCal is not much bette than Monterey. But in Aug-Oct the water is 68-73F (20-22C) and after Labor Day viz can be quite good and easy camping is available on weekends. Catalina Island Casino Pt or San Elijo Beach San Diego are two great spots. Modest travel costs.

Option 3: Semi-exotic – Kona or Dominica any time of year. Similar to option 2 with additional travel costs and time (relatively modest). There are two well-known freediving meccas.

Option 3: Exotic – Use your imagination. French Polynesia, Raja Ampat, private yacht, you get the idea. There are also pretty inexpensive freedive meccas in SE Asia but of course there are travel times and costs.

Once there is a charter sponsor and dates and location are set, there will be an application process for the other spots. Professional rate: $600, NGO / academic rate: cheap or free.

Some info on Robert’s dive experience:

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