Freedive training / certification for scientists

This is an MVP for enabling environmental scientists with freediving skills. That is the main motivation. My secondary motivation is that I have a boring corporate job that doesn’t require much brain power, and I like opportunities to meet smart, dynamic people.

I am considering providing a free class in California, but since intro certifications are only about $500 (and thus it might not be worth it to travel for a class, even if free) I am trying to gather information on what to provide. We might start with an online class and/or certification. If you are interested in joining a working group and doing a Zoom on this (including a virtual intro and/or online certification such as Molchanov T1), please fill out this quick application.

Any online get-togethers / certifications will be free. IRL training will be at a very discounted rate. Thus consider this is a kind of scholarship application. Note that discounted might mean a premium product (bespoke, exclusive camp with housing) for a modest price to avoid undercutting working instructors (e.g., $500, the typical rate for a regular class).

My informal bio

My colleague Audrey Yang, MechE Stanford, Xoogler, UXR, multi-faceted water woman, hopefully will be involved as well. She is too modest to have much of an online presence.

Scholarship criteria – since this is MVP, these criteria are very loose, holistic, and subject to change

• Current or recent graduate student in relevant field OR

• Current environmental scientist, journalist, educator

• R1 program, academic publications, Impact Factor or H-Index

• Willing to teach a related skill to other camp members (yoga, kitesurfing, etc.) as time allows – certification preferred

• VO₂ max of at least 45 – can be estimated, by any conventionally accepted method

Application again here

Feel free to with questions: robert dot lee at

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