Catalina Island Somewhat Deep Week

Friday Sept 27 9am – Sun Oct 6 7pm

Please join me and a bunch of other freedivers for this unique event!

If you don’t know California diving, there is abundant marine life, but it can be very cold – typically 10C/50F in Monterey.

Catalina Island offers similar scenery, but in late Sept it is about 24C/75F, with viz 10-15m. It will look much like this, but almost tropical – – first three videos.

The marine park, Casino Point, is incredibly convenient. Just a few hundred meters from town, with rental shop on site. Just walk down the steps, swim a few hundred meters, and you have 30m of depth. The perfect place to do your first 100ft dive!

This is an informal camp, not sanctioned by any shop or organization. There will be experienced divers and instructors like myself from different organizations to give out tips in a non-certification setting. DAN insurance is recommended. Any outdoor activity has inherent risks, especially freediving, so you assume all risks and release all other parties against any claim by participating in this event.

The plan is to dive every day in the park until Sunday or Monday. Because it is so warm and convenient, you probably will be able to do 3 or even 4 2 hour training sessions, though 2 x 3hr will be more typical. If you can extend your stay during the week, we also will rent a skiff to go to other parts of the island for fun diving, put out a counter-balance so you can dive deeper – max 60m – depending on consensus, etc. Lobster season opens on Saturday.

There will be modest logistics fees for this event. It depends on how many days and what you want to do. e.g., just using a line and diving with friends vs. needing counter-balance/safety/coaching for a 60m dive. The counter-balance is an efficient carbon-fiber rig of the type used for depth competitions. Just DM me to discuss or email robert.lee at

Non-certified divers are welcome, but you are limited to snorkeling and fun diving on your own – no training.

Additional notes:

Fly into LAX or LGB (closer). For those who drive, Long Beach ferry parking is about $20/day:
You can fly direct to the small airport. Prop charters from SF area are about $10K round trip for 5.

I have reserved some rooms because I got a fantastic deal for the weekend. Hotels are scarce in Avalon, and price variance is high. The small room is about $150 with tax per night, the big room is about $250 with tax per night. I have reserved the below Sept 26-30 will hold them till Sept 15. – no AC, shouldn’t be needed – $400 total – $800 total, 3 beds

You can also camp or find another hotel. Hermit Gulch camp ground is easy, 2km/1mi walk, and has tent cabins for 6.

Please RSVP on the FB event if you have FB.

Feel free to discuss, look for rides, etc., in the FB comments.