Hacker Hostel San Jose Area: $200/week in a new house

room_cropI have rooms for rent in my brand new house 22 miles S of San Jose airport, right off the 101. It is also close to the Morgan Hill Caltrain station, where the Google and Apple buses pick up.

Why you would want to live here:

Pristine, new house in a beautiful neighborhood near the necessities – Trader Joe’s, Target …

No lease commitment, but cheap, $200/week. Perfect if you are new to town for school, and want a place to crash while looking for a permanent place (though you are welcome to stay long term).

Why you would NOT want to live here:

A bit of a drive to San Jose (you will want to have a car unless you are prepared for a long bike / bus ride).

The house is in a town (Morgan Hill), not a city.

The house has only the basics. It is a new and clean, but I don’t have a couch, TV, living room. This is a place to sleep, study, and is best suited for those who work long hours and/or spend their leisure time out of the house.


My house is directly across the street from this Starbucks, open from 5:30am to 9pm. It is right next to an open field, not a concrete jungle. I work from there a lot.


I am pretty well connected in the Silicon Valley ecosystem: Google, VC firms, Stanford.

Please email me at rlee at codex dot stanford dot edu. I don’t check the comments below.

Your room looks like the above picture. Here is a virtual tour of a model of the home (mine is not furnished like this).


A little info about me: