The 12 Second Meditation

The 12 Second Meditation: Mindful Breathing for Stress Management & Performance

Available for free across multiple web pages (click on right arrow above) or for $2 in pdf, below

Breath Holding: Getting to 3 Minutes

These products do not qualify you to carry out or supervise breath holds in water, but give you an introduction to short breath holds on land. I do not provide breath hold info for free online so as to create a gateway to warn of the risks.


(1) $2: The 12 Second Meditation pdf,

(2) $39: The 12 Second Meditation pdf + webinar,

(3) $17: Breath Holding: Getting to 3 Minutes pdf + (1),

(4) $96: Breath Holding: Getting to 3 Minutes pdf + webinar + (2),

Some Freediving Videos

(1) My favorite freediving video

Kirk Krack chilling underwater and perfect bubble rings. Freediving not as extreme competitive sport, but meditative, contemplative way of enjoying the ocean. Filmed by Ren Chapman.

(2) Freefall

The most viewed freediving video of all time.

(3) GoPro’s Whale Fantasia

Mandy, Erin, and Ashleigh also chilling underwater, with humpback whales

(4) Blackout

The video ends abruptly because the cameraman had to go any rescue the diver! Also filmed by Ren Chapman.

Plus, my video podcast from the 2014 Bulletproof Conference.

Some great photographers who specialize in freediving

(1) Joakim Hjelm

(2) Courtney Platt

(3) Logan Mock-Bunting

Freediving schools certified by Performance Freediving

Garo Hachigian’s California Freedive Academy & Shell Eisenberg’s Hawaii Classes

Ted Harty’s Immersion Freediving