Abalone Diving



Tomales Dinner 2013

Have you ever wanted to try abalone diving or spearfishing on the North Coast? Are you a bit intimidated by the cold, murky waters, the waves, the sharks, and other conditions that make Northern California free diving challenging and at times dangerous?

Fl0wstate has the unique ability to provide you with a concierge guided experience that will allow you to tryout this sport in the utmost comfort and safety.

Two nights of glamping in Sonoma.

All equipment, meals and transportation from SF provided.

We will teach you the techniques, show you the best spots, and inform you of the regulations.

The only thing we can’t do is actually catch the abalone for you, as this is strictly against regulations. Expert watermen with unparalleled safety training and who can hold their breath for well over five minutes will be watching you at all times to ensure your comfort and safety.

Typical itinerary:

Arrive in Sonoma Fri afternoon at a farmhouse with comfortable camping and facilities, or similar location. Lecture on equipment, diving and safety techniques. Dinner provided.

Saturday morning, have a light breakfast then head off to the coast at a reasonable hour. Spend about four hours getting suited up and then diving. Clean up and go back to the farmhouse. Learn how to clean your catch, and then cook up a fabulous seafood dinner together..

Sunday starts off the same as Saturday. After the dive, we can head back to the farmhouse to clean our catch again, or head directly back to SF where you can share your bounty with friends and family.

Of course we cannot control dive conditions. If conditions are not diveable, we will take you out again for free, except for a small charge for additional housing. Although we cannot guarantee your catch, our outfit has never failed to catch at least something.


1-2 people: $3000 all inclusive except for fishing licenses which you buy for yourselves.

$1000 per additional diver. Non-divers can tag along for $250.

If you are serious about your diving, we strongly suggest you arrange to do the lecture at least a week or two in advance, and also throw in a pool training session for no additional charge. This will considerably improve your in water comfort and increase your chances for diving success.

Discounts for freedivers certified by PFI, FII, or AIDA.

For more info, check out the recent NYT article: http://nyti.ms/1nZEzY2

Also see videos such as: