The Infinite Emotions of Coffee (and Chocolate)

Last year I attended a coffee tasting at Google Research. It was hosted by Alon Halvey. He was once CS professor at University of Washington, and now is at Google. He also like coffee. A lot. His website is, because he thinks a macchiatone is a the best coffee drink. It is somewhere between a cappuccino and a macchiato (in terms of the amount of milk).

I think Alon likes the macchiatone in the way that I like dark milk chocolate (I made that term up). Milk chocolate can indeed by cloying and too sweet, but dark chocolate can be overwhelming and bitter. Some chocolate companies have started making a new kind of milk chocolate that has a high % of cacao and just a tiny bit of milk to take the edge off. It’s like a cup of tea with one teaspoon of sugar instead of 16 (I think that’s about how many are in a bottle of Snapple).

Alon’s book is an account of his coffee philosophy and travels. The book jacket has a review by Vincent Cerf!

In future, I’ll probably be writing more on tea and chocolate, because I know those things better.

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