Laptop Backpacks – Incase CL55412 Heathered Backpack

Earlier this month, Square (Jack Dorsey’s credit card company) had a tech talk/recruiting event on campus. Not surprisingly, these tech companies are very keen on hiring Stanford CS students, so they’re throwing all sorts of events on campus. Square gave me this excellent backpack for helping to recruit students to the event.

This really is an excellent, excellent laptop case, great for biking around campus or riding the bus. It is large enough for 17″laptops like the MacBook Pro, with two large compartments, and many distinct, easy to access pockets for notebooks, phones, accessories, etc. It is incredibly handy and easy to use, and retails for about $100. I can’t recommend this backpack enough, and many other online reviewers, such as TechHive, agree.


Incase Heathered Backpack on Amazon






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