Blue Sky / Black Swans

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  • We are approaching 8 billion human beings on this planet.
  • Yet only a minuscule fraction has intimate experience with all three dimensions. (definition of intimate: un-motored/un-powered?)
  • At Holokai Adventure™ House, we find this to be unacceptable.
  • We are the 0.01%. Please join us!

(*)sources:, Paragliding Manufacturers Association estimated ~100,000 paragliding pilots worldwide.
TODO: need numbers for rock climbing, freediving, kitesurfing, parachuting (including BASE and wingsuit)

Humans have barely scratched the surface of the 3rd dimension

Technology promotes human adventure

We generally prefer human/natural-powered tech (non-motorized), but green carbon-neutral motors are welcome!

Holokai Adventure™ House functions as an incubator for technologies that help humanity achieve ancient dreams of unencumbered exploration of three dimensions.

committed to exploring and promoting


  • — resurrect an effort to create an inflatable hang-glider-style wing (potential for kitesurfing, but also free-flight application)
  • IcarusTech – LENR-powered