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CNN Freediving

I have embedded this video because it illustrates freediving not as an extreme sport, but as a calm state of mind. Anyone can learn the calm and focus to be this relaxed 100 feet underwater without air. And imagine applying this calm in other situations, such as stress at work, optimizing performance in a sports competition, or controlling anxiety in a rescue or survival scenario.
Diver: Kirk Krack, Video: Ren Chapman.

I have lectured on this topic, and others, at Google, Twitter, Berkeley, Stanford, and IIM, including the Stanford MOOC Extreme Physiology.

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Big-wave surfers, not surprisingly, study the art of breath control.

Even video gamers, via Team Red Bull, are trying it!


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I am in all these pictures, including the one from CNN. The related story is here.

“Off the coast of the Cayman Islands, photographer Logan Mock-Bunting takes a deep breath and descends into the endless blue. He has been freediving for years, swimming long distances underwater without an air tank. But this time was different. He was there to cover Performance Freediving International’s Deja Blue III, an annual competition that ended Thursday. He would witness iron-lung athletes exploit their bodies to break breath-holding records.”






These are my academic affiliations. I an fascinated by the science of performance and creativity. I seek to enable people to push their intellectual & emotional boundaries to create new forms of technology & culture. I have a background in physiology, biotechnology, and computer science.

I am interested in the intersection of software and life sciences, including ML & bioinformatics, QS & digital health, synthetic & quantum biology, neural networks & biomimicry, among other. I currently advise companies in the areas of medical diagnostics, finance, gaming, AI, and VR. See, for example, LTSE. I also help startups understand the mechanics of incorporation, venture finance, patents, trademarks, NDAs, and founder agreements. This testimonial from a UC Berkeley professor will help you understand how I work.

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